Pix'Ced: a monumental work

Since 2019, Ced VERNAY has created monumental paintings made up of hundreds, even thousands of dissociable pixels, also called Pix’Ced.  Pixel Art in XXL format.
It is thus possible to acquire, at very attractive prices, parts of these work, pixel by pixel directly on the dedicated site: www.pixced.com.

Pix'Ced concept on video

Three main artworks

A first of 9 m2, the “Giant Squares” which was presented first in Berlin, then in Lyon to finally be sold in its entirety in Marseille.
A second currently under construction. Once finished this piece will measure 350 m2! A unique work of its kind which will be exhibited in Marseille during 2020.
A third “Jane” measures 7 m2. Visible at Ced VERNAY’s workshop at the entrance to the Docks Village -10, place de la Joliette in Marseille.

Chose your Pix'Ced

Through this site, you can therefore choose the pixel (s) that you like the most:

a part of the face, a color, a graphic element or simply a lucky number.

Each small painting is composed of the painted canvas that Ced VERNAY mounts on these small wooden frames of 20×20 cm. On the back is the exact position of the pixel. Its number and certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Join the Pix'Ced community

Buying one or more also means being part of a community: the Pix’Ced Community.
The owners may one day be able to come together to revive these monumental works! A whole concept.

The buyers may therefore one day become actors in the reconstruction of the monumental work. To do this, Ced VERNAY carefully stores the names, first names and contact details of all these art lovers.

Action for the planet

Through the community, you participate in the reforestation of our planet.

Already sensitive to environmental problems, Ced VERNAY has always tried to make artworks with recucled materials. This was already the case with his confetti collages, but now with his monumental works painted on recycled advertising pvc.

You will receive your Pix’Ced on a 20 x 20 cm frame per package once the order has been confirmed and a certificate will be given to you via the Reforest’Action organization.

It’s up to you to choose your pixel and join!

Attractive rates

1 Pix’Ced = 50 Euros

From 2 Pix’Ced = 40 Euros each

From 3 Pix’Ced and more = 30 Euros each


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