Other strong messages on social problems

For many years, Ced VERNAY has experimented pixelated techniques, but has also explored other concepts to carry ²strong messages on social problems: the danger of firearms (“The Ridiculous does not Kill” series), the frantic use of our mobile phones (“I-mobile” series), the excesses of hyper-consumption, (“Radiography of a sick society” series), planned obsolescence (“I-doise” series) …


In the 2010s Ced VERNAY produced a series of oil-painted slates, called I-doises.
Convinced that Steve Jobs must have taken this little school slate as a model to create his first tablet, Ced VERNAY amused himself by adding another element that has now disappeared, the sight of our first television sets. Ignition button (hole), rounded corners.

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Ridiculous doesn't kill

Humor has always been at the heart of Ced VERNAY’s work. This gun molding series with this funny curved barrel is the perfect tool for shooting yourself in the foot. Ced VERNAY wishes here to denounce the people who hold firearms. People who he says have erection problems.

There are still a few guns (sold) presented in plexi boxes.
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Making of movies

Ced VERNAY has always been very attracted to cinema. Wishing to highlight the film sets, he has produced various works where the actors are this time in the background of his compositions. Make way for sound recorders, technicians, makeup artists and other cameramen.


Also in his questioning about our addiction to selfies and other sms frantically sent all day long, Ced VERNAY produced a series of oil paintings on canvas, entitled SMS.
These are very urban scenes where we can see people being caught by their mobile phones, as if cut off from the world around them. Their sms appear directly on the painting.

Self portraits

Ced VERNAY creates from time to time self-portraits painted in a more “classic” way.

The trophy of ineptness

Wild or captive animals presented symbolically. The perfect hunting trophy representing human ineptitude.

Mosquito net

Ced VERNAY always goes further in his quest for the pixel. This series of various insects was produced by superimposing mosquito net fabrics.

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During the European Capital of Culture, Ced VERNAY was offered to customize a hippopotamus, full size at the New Hotel of Marseille.
By applying his paint using the bubble wrap imprint, Ced VERNAY made this pachyderm more real than life … but pixelated of course!


A few years ago, Ced VERNAY became interested in an old photographic revelation technique, called cyanotype. Enhanced with paint, these small paintings are original works.

Tipex and Bic pen

Works there also carried out with infinite patience since each point was drawn with felt, tipex or Bic pen.

X-ray of a sick society

Series of x-rays representing the plagues of modern society with medical pathology background.
The painted radios are presented on real doctors’ negatoscopes.

Off circuit

Printed circuits presented in the form of tourist sites teeming with visitors lost in this virtual world.
A wink from the artist highlighting the wandering of Man in modern society.