Painting on magnet

In 2016, Ced VERNAY developed a new kind of work, but this time the painting is on magnet. Magnetic round, painted one by one, they allow the image to be deconstructed and then recreated using an ingenious numbering system.

The purchasers of this type of work take the place of the artist. They can create new works and then reconstruct the image originally painted by Ced VERNAY. Not only interactive, immersive but also and above all playful works.

A giant puzzle in a way, with endless combinations.

Know how to take the right distance

Once again, taking a step back from these magnetic paintings allows you to have an overview, to adjust the brief definition of making your own auto-focus.

The distance we take from his works allows a natural focus. Up close we discover the technique and the infinite patience necessary to paint each of these magnets. From away, the spectator magically discovers the subject that has become clear again.

However, for this serie of paintings on magnets, the first physical step back does not always reveal its secrets easily. The use of a cellphone is therefore essential to instantly reduce the size of the image (photo mode). In doing so, the pixels are reduced in the same proportion and the scenes often from the 7th Art, appear as if by magic.

Playful and interactive works

Again, Ced VERNAY offers an immersion. This time he goes further in his proposal to actually take possession of the work. The buyers can indeed take the place of the artist. Let their creativity run free! Each magnet is carefully numbered on the back, it is of course possible to return to the original image.

Cognitive memory

As soon as the brain memorizes the image, an interesting cognitive phenomenon occurs. The viewer will be able to see the details of these film scenes without going through the use of the digital devices described above. Our vision coupled with our brain capacities make us just as powerful as the lens of our digital devices.

An original piece of work and two magnetic prints

Ced VERNAY offers for this singular technique an original work of art, the matrix, but also a limited series of two numbered and signed copies.

Each original painting is available in a limited edition of two copies. Signed lower right, numbered on the back, the originals and the prints are delivered with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

The original paintings consist of a metal plate and hundreds of magnets painted one by one and numbered on the back. The prints are also laminated one by one on numbered magnets on the back and positioned on a metal plate allowing their movement.

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Transformers: paints on interchangeable magnets

The pixel French artist Ced VERNAY hoped to be able to offer his collectors a work which, thanks to his ingenious numbering system, could offer two or even several images with the same magnets. Transformable images made of magnets he calls Transformers.
Thanks to a collaboration with a mathematician, Ced VERNAY saw his wish to be realized.
Made possible by the creation of an algorithm that generates a code. The latter then indicates how to move the magnets on the original metal support.

How it works ?

Ced VERNAY first chose an image which he would patiently paint, magnet by magnet. He numbers them on the back, then places them on a metal plate also numbered.

Once this first work is painted, Ced VERNAY selects a second image which inspires him and whose chromatic palette seems to correspond to his first image. Then, it is the computer, thanks to the algorithm specially designed for it, which will generate the code which will indicate precisely how to move the pieces of this huge puzzle.With a little patience, everyone can therefore transform their painting from image A to image B.Eventually Ced VERNAY intends to offer all the collectors of these magnetic pieces updates. Its customers will be able to change images.

When mathematics and algorithms mix with visual art.

It’s your turn!