Homo Digitalis

Pointillism revisited in Homo digitalis serie

This form of pointillism revisited in a very contemporary way, Ced VERNAY uses it as a symbol in his Homo Digitalis serie. A man drowned in a digital world, dependent on the screens and devices. Homo Digitalis is a virtual man, pixelated and fuzzy. It brings together around thirty portraits made by Ced VERNAY in handmade pixel art.

Know how to take the right distance

The distance we take from his works allows a natural focus. From close up we discover the technique and the infinite patience necessary to paint each of these colored squares. From away, the spectator magically discovers the subject that has become clear again. Behind this eye experience hides a strong message regarding the essential step back in front of the screens. These overwhelm us every day a little more, engulf us little by little in an unreal world. We are transforming into Homo Digitalis. Also, when we turn off our phones, tablets, computers and other TVs, Man takes his place, becomes clean and human.


Fun and magical experience

But at the same time, as a new message, Ced VERNAY also suggests that we use our cellphones to instantly reduce the pixel and thus make it clear. A way of saying that these digital tools are certainly to be used wisely, but they are essential to us. Homo Digitalis is not about to disappear.

Right hemisphere of our brain

Finally, Homo Digitalis is also a real invitation to explore the right hemisphere of our brain. It allows us to see things in a global way. The artist’s hand recreates the image, the eyes of the observer focus… in short, the Man regains his rights in front of the machine.

Upon demand artwork

Ced VERNAY finally offers to make pixelated oil paintings to order. Send us the photo of your choice: a member of your family, a personality, an image from a film … Ced VERNAY can even personalize your work on request by adding a few details (eg lucky numbers, important date, words or first names).

Tailor-made works ideal for original gifts that will forever mark the important moments of our lives: wedding, baptism, birthday …
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