Homo Digitalis

Ced VERNAY uses this form of revisited pointillism in a very graphic and contemporary way, to symbolize the Homo Digitalis, a man drowned in a digital world.

In this world getting more and more sterilized, where everything is HD ans where perfection is a perpetual quest for many people, the pixel becomes subversive in this overly tidy environment.

His work transports us in an universe of it’s own, which can require to physically move closer, or away from the artwork in order to better apprehend the different scales and it’s complexity. You can also achieve the same results with the use of the screen of your camera that reduce instantly the paintings and transform them, by magic, in sharp images.

But at the end, the hand of the artist recreates the image and the viewer’s eyes are making the focus. In other words, humans taking back their rights against the machine.