In recent years, numerous exhibitions have been organized to showcase the work of French pixel artist Ced VERNAY. Exhibitions in Paris, Lyon or Marseille, performances in the United States, Japan, Monaco or Cape Town in South Africa.

He also regularly performs live performances for companies or individuals who would like to integrate an exhibition or an artistic performance by Ced VERNAY during corporate or private events. For more information, contact us.

Exhibitions in Paris
Exhibitions in Marseille
Loft 4.40
Exhibition in Geneva
Expo à Barcelone
Performing in Tokyo
Performing in Miami
Rio de Janeiro
Villa Gaby
Exhibition and performing in Monaco
Performing in CapeTown


    • Exhibition solo show Art’n Chery – Les Gets (from february 2nd  to the 20th 2020)
    • Art fair SIAC Marseille (from march 13th to 16th)
    • Exhibition solo show – St Tropez (from october the 1st to 7th)

    • Art auction in Lyon (3rd april)
    • Solo show Dots Squares at Grand Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon (from april 3rd to 20th)
    • Live performance in Berlin  – Germany
    • Solo show « Pix’Elles » in Marseille – Studio in the Docks Village
    • Solo show « Confetti Time » in Marseille – Studio in the Docks Village
    • Solo show and  performance at the Villa Gaby in Marseille
    • Solo show « Pixorama » in Marseille – Studio in the Docks Village
    • Solo show at the Galerie Joseph in Paris 
    • Exhibition and performance at PwC in Monaco
    • Performance at the French Alliance at Cap Town – South Africa
    • 10th Art Fair in Montreux – Switzerland
    • Exhibition « Eclectik » in Cassis – South of France
    • Solo show at the Loft 4.40 in Lyon
    • Performance at Miami Ironside – USA
    • Art3F Art Fair in Brussels – Belgium
    • Exhibition at the Gallifet Art Center in Aix en Provence
    • Performance at 0fr. Tokyo – Japan
    • Solo show « Puntos y Quadrados” in Barcelona – Spain
    • Solo show “Dots and Squares” at KPMG in Lyon
    • Solo show “Dots and Squares” at the InterContinental Marseille
    • Exhibition at the Silo U1 at Château-Thierry
    • FIAC-Off 2014 – Parcours Saint-Germain at Hôtel Bel Ami in Paris
    • Exhibition “De la Déconstruction à l’Obsession” at the TwentyTwo Gallery in Lyon
    • Solo show “Mise au Point” at Hôtel de Gallifet in Aix en Provence
    • Exhibition “Happy Color” TwentyTwo Gallery in Lyon
    • Exhibition “De Face / De Profil” Galerie Invisible in Marseille
    • Solo show “Confetti Time” at the Swatch Gallery in Geneva – Switzerland
    • Design Tour during the European Capital of Culture in Marseille
    • Art Fair “Printemps du Grenier à Sel” in Avignon – South of France
    • Solo show “Pix’Ced Lab” at the New Hotel of Marseille
    • Solo show “Homo Digitalis” at agnès b. gallery in Marseille
    • Solo show “Homo Digitalis” at Isabelle Poli Gallery in St-Etienne
    • Exhibition at the Golf of Megève during the Green Velvet
    • Exposition au Golf de Megève lors de la Green Velvet