Confetti collage: A singular and meticulous technique

The pixel here is paper. For the collage of confetti Ced VERNAY perforate in magazine pages then glue with tweezers. The drawing that Ced VERNAY produces before sticking his confetti is sometimes left partially visible or completely covered. The idea is that the confetti keeps its characteristics, festive and volatile elements which once on the ground freeze.

Confetti collage, a real imaginary puzzle

Those confettis pass into the expert hands of Ced VERNAY and become the pieces of a huge imaginary puzzle. So paper, which gives life to portraits of incredible realism. The color comes exclusively from paper magazine. Like a large kaleidoscope, the details are breathtakingly precise: the eyes, the expression lines, the hair are all scraps of paper which placed next to each other allow you to create more expressive faces. Finally, when we get very close, we discover the wide chromatic palette used, pieces of text, bits of photos. Closer still we find the pixels of the images printed by the printing presses.

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Origins of this confetti collage technique

This pixelation technique appeared when he was living in Brazil. Was it all these years from by the Rio carnival that pushed him to express the art of confetti? His meeting with Vik Muniz, a great Brazilian artist, who also explored this collage technique? The discovery of the work of the immense American artist Chuck Close? Or just the desire to create eco-friendly paintings by recycling old magazines to give paper a second life?

Strangers to the star system

Ced VERNAY presents fifty portraits with this unique technique of collage of confetti. Thus, personalities from the world of the arts, the cinema, politicians, actors, architects or illustrious strangers. The festive element that is the confetti is also a way of symbolizing the ephemeral side of the star-system.

From original collage to limited edition prints

The goal is therefore to create both an original work of art, the matrix, but also limited series of photo enlargements. The latter invite to dive even more into the subject.

Each original painting is available in a limited edition of a few copies. Signed lower right, numbered on the back, framed under glass for the originals and in American boxes for the prints. All are delivered with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Details of confetti collages offered in unlimited series

In order to make his work accessible to as many people as possible, Ced VERNAY also offers details that he creates by collage. These close-ups are this time unlimited series. The “New Boxes” are framed between two plexis and between-toises. The “Squares” are for their prints laminated on a metal plate allowing to add some magnetic confetti. Finally the Pixxis are elegant and decorative objects to place on a piece of furniture. These works are neither numbered nor delivered with a certificate of authenticity, but are signed by the artist.

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Upon demand artwork

Ced VERNAY finally produces works on order. To do this, nothing simpler. Send us the photo of your choice: a member of your family or a personality who particularly touches you. Ced VERNAY can even personalize your creation on request by adding one or two lucky numbers, an important date, a few words or first names.

Tailor-made works ideal for original gifts that will forever mark the important moments of your lives: weddings, baptisms, birthdays …

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