Pixel art mosaics

A work in line with Roman or Greek mosaics, works by Paul Signac or Georges Seurat and more recently by Roy Lichtenstein or Victor Vasarely. Ced VERNAY appears as a contemporary pointillist, an explorer of the pixel.
A disturbing element which very often symbolizes the poor quality of an image, Ced VERNAY has placed it at the heart of his artistic work for almost twenty years.

Ced VERNAY pixelated world

Entering his universe is also a real invitation to explore the right hemisphere of our brain and its holistic perception.
It is indeed from small fragments called today pixels that we apprehend the elements from a general point of view. According to the followers of the pointillist theory, when the painting is looked at from a certain distance, the colored points cannot be distinguished from each other but blend in optically with each other.
It is therefore from these myriads of pixels that we manage to represent the whole, to discover these portraits that have become clear again.

Educational background

Born in 1968 in France, Ced VERNAY is passionate about painting and decides to follow an artistic training in the United States by integrating Northwest Community College. He then entered the prestigious Emile Cohl drawing school in Lyon.

Ced VERNAY lived more than ten years in Brazil where he began his artistic career.
Since his return to the south of France, Ced VERNAY has shown his work in the main French cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille… He is also regularly invited to perform performances abroad, whether in Monaco, Tokyo, Miami or Cape Town in South Africa.

Ced VERNAY studio/ gallery

He installed his workshop / gallery in Marseille, in a space of more than 200 m2 in the industrial building of the Docks de Marseille. This place is accessible to everyone from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
© christophe pouget
© christophe pouget