Welcome to Ced VERNAY's pixelated world.

Confetti collages, monumental works, paintings on canvas or on magnets… so many techniques that question our relationships with technology, invite us to take the right distance in a pixelated world. Look closely, of course, but also take a step back from things. Creations that also bring people together, sometimes combine Science and Art and finally bring an ecological message. In this pixel exploration for almost twenty years, the artist Ced VERNAY invites us to live experiences that are both immersive, fun and interactive.

The pixelated world of pointillism

Although the pixel is excluded from all photographers, cameramen or graphic designers’s work, Ced places it, for more than fifteen years, in the center of his artistic work as a symbol of human imperfection.

It is therefore from this pixelated world, whether small rounds of paper or squares of paint that Ced VERNAY invites us to live an immersive experience, interactive and playful. Indeed, the distance we take from his artworks make us go from abstract to figurative.

Ced Vernay à son atelier

Technical styles

Delon Romy en magnets
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Homo Digitalis
Le fou



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Atelier Ced VERNAY
Docks Village
10 Place de la Joliette
13002 Marseille (FRANCE)
Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00